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Glasses Frames, Fit, & Sizing


Choosing the Right Frame

Size Guide To find the frame that best fits you, start with the measurements on a pair of glasses that fit you well. Use these measurements as a reference to find the best fitting pair of Avulux® frames for you. Most frames will have three (3)

Adjusting Your Frames for a Better Fit

Adjusting Temple Arms There may be a few reasons why you'd want to adjust your temple arms: The glasses aren't level on your face. The temple arms are causing discomfort behind your ears. The arms are squeezing your head. The glasses are sliding dow

Avulux, Seasonal, and Limited Edition Frames

Avulux Frames Avulux branded glasses frames are the Lilu, Xyko, and Bli. These frames have our Avulux logo and they were designed by our team. We keep these frames in stock with our non-prescription Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses in them,

What is a Frame & Clip-On?

Avulux Frame & Clip-On Explained Avulux Frame & Clip-Ons are an option for customers who wear vision correction prescription lenses. Clip-Ons are a removable add-on to frames and they've historically contained sunglass lenses, allowing wearers to tur

Virtual Try-On

Store code: Avulux.

Replacing a broken or damaged frame

Unfortunately we are not able to repair damaged frames. We suggest finding a local optical shop that offers a repair service if you'd like your frames repaired. Alternatively, you may contact us via email and we can sell you a replacement frame. Acet

Will this frame work for Avulux in your Frames?

Thanks for reaching out and your interest in Avulux in your Frames!We do ask for new frames only. This ensures that your glasses will have the maximum life expectancy and you receive a brand new product with your new Avulux lenses.We do not accept:-O

Lens and Frame Materials

Lens Materials. Avulux lenses are made of high quality polycarbonate and made using an entirely unique manufacturing process using proprietary materials not found in other lenses. At this time, we do not make Avulux lenses in other materials. Avulux

Swapping Lenses in or out of Frames

Most metal frames will have a small screw along the side that needs to be loosened or removed so that you may remove the lens. Once you remove the screw, remove the lenses. Remove the screw on your new frame, place your lenses, and replace the screw.