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What is a Frame & Clip-On?Updated 9 months ago

Avulux Frame & Clip-On Explained

Avulux Frame & Clip-Ons are an option for customers who wear vision correction prescription lenses.

Clip-Ons are a removable add-on to frames and they've historically contained sunglass lenses, allowing wearers to turn their clear glasses into sunglasses without having to purchase a separate prescription pair.

The Avulux Frame & Clip-On option comes with:

  1. An Avulux acetate frame containing blank (clear) placeholder lenses.
  2. An Avulux titanium clip-on containing non-prescription Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses.

The blank (clear) placeholder lenses in the acetate frames are meant to be replaced by a local optometrist with the customer's vision correction prescription.

The titanium clip-on contains non-prescription Avulux Migraine & Light Sensitivity lenses and is meant to be attached over the acetate frame.

The Benefits of the Frame & Clip-On

  • Customers with complex prescriptions can have the lenses they're comfortable with placed into their Avulux acetate frames.
  • Customers with multiple prescriptions can request additional Avulux acetate frames, so they can use their clip-ons across their frames and prescriptions.
  • Customers that do not wish to wear Avulux Lenses full-time can attach the clip-on as needed.
  • The clip-on is lightweight, portable, and can be easily kept in a pocket or bag for when you'll need it most.

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